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Henry and Jacqui Morgenstein

We have just finished our new video DVD entitled

A 40 min. introduction to English country dancing that explains the structure and teaches some of the basic moves. It's a great way to give newcomers confidence and to show friends what it is all about. Click for more info including a link to YouTube with a 10min. clip from the video.
Scroll down for the Contra Dance DVD.

Henry's books

Henry has just published a 3rd paperback:

"Big Thoughts From a Small Town"

Big Thoughts From a Small Town (40 KB)

This is a collection of the best of the rest of his newspaper columns from The Record Eagle in Traverse City.
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A collection of essays about dancing - mostly Contras and English Country Dancing but also Irish Sets, Scottish, E-Ceilidh, Calling... With 34 of Jacqui's photos.
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Get the kindle edition from Amazon or the paperback book from CDSS.
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is a collection of some of his best newspaper columns, radio talks and other essays, mostly about his home town, Traverse City, MI.
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FREE download in pdf form:
"The Explosion of Administration"

at Northwestern Michigan College (NMC).
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Henry's Home

Henry's essays and quotation collection. Also a short biography.

Henry has become the family historian for their escape from the Nazis in WWII. The story is here.

Our Dance Events

The Abbey Assembly with Andrew Shaw

Jacqui's Photo Gallery

"Ultimate Air Dogs".
Beautiful Traverse City.
Halsway Manor dance w/e.
Whirligig ECD w/e.

Here is our first video DVD entitled

A 30 min. introduction to contra dancing that explains the structure and teaches the basic moves. It's a great way to explain this dance form to newcomers and to friends (who never could understand exactly what it is that you do!)

Henry's talented son and daughter-in-law, Ben and Sarah, have a great food blog. One of their recipes recently won a competition!

Henry is now a guest contributer to Gary Howe's terrific blog MyWheelsAreTurning.com. The blog is full of fascinating articles and news about bicycles and cycling in Traverse City.


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Henry's Home page - essays, radio talks etc.Links to related sitesHenry & Jacqui's Dance Trips

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