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Big Thoughts From a Small Town
Newspaper columns from The Record Eagle inTraverse City.

The title says it all: Big Thoughts From A Small Town. Between 1985 & 1992, I wrote a bi-weekly column for my small town newspaper: The Record Eagle. (Traverse City, Michigan, pop: 15,000 people).

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I tackled "huge" issues, legalizing drugs, over-crowded prisons, abortion, being friendly with the Soviets, dating, inequality, travel, sabbaticals, the defense budget, homosexuality...

I wrote as if I thought what I said might make a difference, might change people's minds.

To their credit, until I was fired for writing nine columns against our incursion into Iraq, The Record Eagle allowed me total freedom: they rewrote no columns, never told me what I could or could not write about.

A friend just told me that he felt these columns could just as well have been written yesterday as 30 years ago: all the issues I wrote about are still in the news today.

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