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Contra and English: Joyous Dancing
Essays, radio talks and newspaper columns.

This book contains 30 years worth of essays about my passion: dancing contras, calling contras, discovering English Country Dance, comparing one dance form to another.  Almost all of these pieces were published, or aired, somewhere: magazine, newspaper, radio.  Jacqui Morgenstein took all of the beautiful photos - 18 color, and 16 B&W.

Joyous Dancing book by Henry Morgenstein

In the true sense of the word, this is a "Coffee Table" book: put it next to your morning cup of coffee, read one, maybe two essays a day.  The mistake I made is that I gave you "too-much-for-your-money" -- people are overwhelmed by the sheer number of essays.  Read sparingly; Dance Often!  

Joyous Dancing book by Henry Morgenstein

You can buy "Joyous Dancing" from the CDSS store.
Publisher: Between The Bays
ISBN 978-09834061-1-2
8"x10"     80pp       

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