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Ultimate Air Dogs
at Traverse City's National Cherry Festival in Michigan, July 2009

To find out what the competition is all about, visit http://www.ultimateairdogs.net/ which is run by MaraLee Richardson and Sara Chisnell-Voigt.

The dogs are jumping into a small swimming pool from a platform like a boat dock.  They are chasing a toy either thrown by their owner or hanging from a frame that is adjustable in height. They are having so much fun it is completely infectious and I, who have never been particularly fond of dogs have found my attitude to them quite changed after watching this amazing display of eagerness and courage and strength.

This year, 2009, I photographed ALL of the dogs that jumped at the Cherry Festival.  I will post some of the photos here as I get time.   Meanwhile if your dog(s) jumped in the Ultimate Air Dogs competition in 2009 I have certainly got photos of them.  Please email me if you would like to see what I have and possibly buy prints &/or a CD of the original files.

email: jacqui at henryandjacqui_com or jacqui.morgenstein at gmail_com
Click here for my top favorite photos.

105_0384_30d.jpg (11251 bytes)
Bamba (33 pics)
Barney Bear Ben
Blanket Bogie 104_9464c_30d.jpg (11805 bytes)
Brandi (33 pics)
Cajan 104_7464_30d.jpg (12669 bytes)
Callie (2 pics)
104_8449_30d.jpg (9204 bytes)
Carly (45 pics)
Casey Lynn
Champ Chase Ciaran 104_7657_30d.jpg (12007 bytes)
Coco French (6 pics)
104_9779_30d.jpg (8178 bytes)
Copper (37 pics)
104_8420_30d.jpg (5568 bytes)
Cowboy (87 pics)
Daisy Dakota
Daysi Duggan Duke Duncan
Dusty Dutchess Fernando Gauge
104_9830_30d.jpg (7652 bytes)
Gunner (45 pics)
Gus stowe Gus Webb Hans
105_0749_30d.jpg (11866 bytes)
Ivan (35 pics)
Jack 105_1028_30d.jpg (9204 bytes)
Jackson (37 pics)
Koko Laya 104_8603_30d.jpg (9883 bytes)
Lily Frost (34 pics)
104_9581c_30d.jpg (10969 bytes)
Maddy (54 pics)
Mason Meadow 104_9891_30d.jpg (8680 bytes)
Merlyn (37 pics)
104_7470_30d.jpg (11623 bytes)
Midas (29 pics)
Molly 105_0032_30d.jpg (7949 bytes)
Moses (51 pics)
Murphy Johnson
Murphy Sleder Murphy Watson 105_1382_30d.jpg (7150 bytes)
Nai'a (60 pics)
Oberon 105_0561_30d.jpg (12511 bytes)
Onyx (23 pics)
105_0971_30d.jpg (8721 bytes)
Oskar (78 pics)
Picabo Rock 105_1023_30d.jpg (9157 bytes)
Rogan (71 pics)
104_7913_30d.jpg (12043 bytes)
Sadie Wilkins (13 pics)
Sage Sawyer Schatzie
Scout 104_9981_30d.jpg (8977 bytes)
Sheba (13 pics)
Sky 104_8517_30d.jpg (9297 bytes)
Sonny (24 pics)
Star 104_8531_30d.jpg (9121 bytes)
Taylor (22 pics)
Tug McGraw Wigeon
104_9987_30d.jpg (9725 bytes)
Winnie (41 pics)
104_8667_30d.jpg (9755 bytes)
Dog A (8 pics)
105_0122_30d.jpg (11997 bytes)
Dog B (10 pics)
105_0711_30d.jpg (12188 bytes)
Dog C (4 pics)
105_0286_30d.jpg (13201 bytes)
Dog D (15 pics)
Dog e Dog f 105_0148_30d.jpg (10996 bytes)
Dog G (5 pics)
105_0411_30d.jpg (11554 bytes)
Dog K (8 pics)
Dog n Dog p Dog q
105_0572_30d.jpg (11599 bytes)
Dog R (8 pics)
  104_8190_30d.jpg (13928 bytes)

Here are all the pics I took in 2008, your dog may well be one of these also
Unfortunately I didn't get the names of many of the dogs, but you can probably spot your own. Clicking on a thumbnail of a dog will give a larger picture and a link to all the other photos of that dog.  There are over 1000 photos altogether.  (I know, I need to get a life...) 

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