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DEC 27th, 2010 - JAN 4th,  2011


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2 days + 3 nights in BOURNEMOUTH at the Mayfair Hotel
with Andrew Shaw and Notorious

This is a residential event in the "Twixmas" slot, between Christmas and the New Year.
We hope to have about 40 dancers (mostly Brits) and will probably have almost the whole hotel to ourselves.

The band will be the wonderful duo Notorious: Eden Macadam-Somer and Larry Unger.

The incomparable Andrew Shaw will call ECD and Henry Morgenstein will call Contras (which are danced well in England, not rough at all.)
Jacqui Morgenstein will teach some Irish Sets in the afternoons to live music from Steve Hunt, or you can explore the seaside resort of Bournemouth.


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2 days & nights in WINCHESTER at the Wykeham Arms.

We will attend the popular New Year's Eve dance in the nearby village of Littleton. 
Notorious will be the band and Henry Morgenstein will call English Country dances and Contras to the 74 mostly experienced dancers.

Winchester was the capital of England before London stole the title. It is a fascinating, historic city with a truly magnificent cathedral dating back to Norman times, an ancient Great Hall (all that remains of Charles II's castle) and a ruined Bishop's Palace to explore.

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  2 days + 3 nights in CAMBRIDGE at the University Arms Hotel

>We will attend a day of dance held in the Old Library of Emmanuel College which is next door to the hotel. Again, Notorious will be our band and Henry Morgenstein will give an English Country Dance workshop plus a Contra Dance workshop in the afternoon followed by a combined dance in the evening.  There is room for about 50 dancers in this hall and we hope that many locals will come back from their Christmas break in order to attend.

Although this is a holiday weekend in the UK (Jan 1st-3rd), we will be able to take a guided tour of this ancient seat of learning and see inside at least some of the colleges.

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Space is limited to 14 people

Cost (excl. flights): 1060 GBP  - roughly $1696 at today's rate of 1.6

Click here for some of the wonderful comments we have received

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If you are interested in joining us on this trip, contact Henry:
email: henry @ henryandjacqui,com_
phone: 01144 2380 941093 (in UK and he will phone you back)

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