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These are some of the wonderful comments we have received from Yanks who met Limeys:

"Thanks ever so much for giving us such a wonderful tour!!!"
Susan Murrow  Y&L 2006

"Thank you for all your hard work and planning. The week was really fabulous, and I had a wonderful time."
Elizabeth Freedman  Y&L 2006

"Thanks for a fabulous trip…and thanks SO MUCH again for all the wonderful things you arranged”
Nancy Boyd & Art Munisteri Y&L 2006

"We truly appreciate all you did to make our vacation quite special. We both had a wonderful time and we attribute this to your flexibility and attention to all of our needs, fine accommodations, careful planning."
Ellie Hansen & Bob Erenburg  Y&L 2006

"Like everyone else on the tour, we were overwhelmed by your and Jacqui's care for all your Yanks. We've been on dance tours before, but this was the most personally warm, gently guided tour we've ever experienced. Thank you for the many kindnesses you showed David and me this past month, as well as for all the planning help you gave us in the months before the tour."
Sharon Green  Y&L 2005

"Henry Morgenstein's Yanks/Lymies tour was fantastic. For someone who had not been to England before, the opportunity both to dance and see the sights was a rare treat.."
Victor Skowronski  Y&L 2005

"You two did an amazing job, and I can't thank you enough.  The accommodations were just perfect, the meals were fabulous, and the tours you scheduled for us were absolutely wonderful.  It was fun traveling with such a small group."
Nikki Herbst Y&L 2005

"You both did such a spectacular job to make sure the whole trip went without a hitch. Even the little things - like having a take-away breakfast for those of us who left Chippenham at 7 a.m. on the last morning. "
Anne Gribbon  Y&L 2005

"My heartfelt thanks for putting together such a fine trip for all of us....thoroughly enjoyed mingling with the Brits and all our fine dance experiences. You managed so many details so skillfully and took care of us so thoroughly -- great food, great camaraderie, great tours of historic places and of course, great dancing!"
Lee Shepherd  Y&L 2005, 2006

"We had a great time....Everyone always comments on how good a host pair you are....Thanks for all you've done to make this a wonderful vacation for us."
Lee & Arlene Goldberg  Y&L 2003, 2005, 2006

"Thank YOU for being wonderful tour guides/operators/friends/dancers! We had a great time indeed."
Bob & Phyllis Hedges  2003

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