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Traverse City the Beautiful

Here is the reason I created this photographic essay “Traverse City the Beautiful” (All Photographs by Jacqui & Henry Morgenstein):

My British wife, Jacqui, and I spend part of each year in England (Southampton) & part of each year in Traverse City, Michigan.  We feel we are uniquely situated to see the changes that are occurring in this city.

Recently my eldest son, who grew up in Traverse City & now lives in Cleveland, Ohio, came to visit & we said to him, that over the last few years, Traverse City has grown more & more beautiful.  He replied, most simply, most directly: “How has it become more beautiful?”

Ah…Eh…Uh… How could we explain what we felt?

This is our answer to his question: What do you mean it has grown more beautiful?

All photographs were taken inside this 13 square mile city.  An attempt has been made to avoid shots that could have been taken in “any” town.  We have also tried to focus on recent changes to Traverse City, man-made changes.

The British have an interesting term: “Value added.” Traverse City has always been beautiful, but recently “value has been added.” Our photographic essay tries to focus on buildings, nooks & crannies, that add value to an already beautiful city.

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