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12th-24th OCTOBER 2006

The genesis of the trip in 2001 was odd and wonderful.  We run a trip for Americans who want to dance in England: "Yanks Meet Limeys".  We thought we might like to run a trip for Limeys who want to dance with Yanks but we really didn’t know where to advertise, how to begin the process or whether it was even feasible.

In the sixth issue of a new and terrific little magazine on dance, Set & Turn Single, published & edited by Chris Turner, Robert Moir wrote about a wonderful recent trip by American dancers to England.  Then he said, “Perhaps it’s time we returned the favour.  Is there anyone out there interested?”

That was an opening line that was too good to ignore.  In the seventh issue of Set & Turn Single my letter to the editor was published: “My wife Jacqui and I are seriously considering leading a dance tour of the USA for Brits.  Like Robert we are wondering if there is interest in such a tour.”  The rest, as they say, is history.

Here is an outline of this year's trip:


, October 12:  We will pick you up at the airport and take you to the Comfort Inn near Westchester (+1 914 592 8600).  At 5:45 we eat dinner at the diner next to the motel.  At 7 p.m., we travel to Westchester (Fried de Metz’s club) for the evening ECDance.

FRIDAY, October 13: Rest during the day (Motel has a swimming pool!).  Early afternoon we travel to "Weekend Whirligig" at Circle Lodge (+1 845 221 2771) -- we will stay there until Monday morning.

MONDAY, October 16: Minivan to the Newton Hotel in New York City (+1 212 678 6500).  Afternoon free.  Dinner nearby.  We recommend an evening group subway ride to the very bottom tip of Manhattan. 

TUESDAY, October 17:  10 a.m., meet in hotel lobby to take subway for an  11 a.m.(3 hour) Greenwich Village Gourmet Tour (enough food tasting to substitute for lunch).  Meet in hotel lobby 6:30 p.m. to take Subway to 7:30 p.m. ECDance, 18th Street.

WEDNESDAY, October 18:  Morning Free -- but we want to meet in the hotel lobby at 1 p.m. to drive (by minivan) to Princeton New Jersey.  Afternoon: a little sight seeing.  6 p.m. Pot Luck (American Supper) with Princeton Contra dancers.   7:30 p.m. Contra Dance.

THURSDAY, October 19:  Visit with Gene Murrow  from 2:30 p.m.   Evening: Fried’s ECDance  in Westchester.

FRIDAY, October 20:  Travel to Econo-Lodge, Amherst, Massachusetts (+1 413 582 7077).  Lunch in Chatham.  Evening: Greenfield, Massachussets Contra Dance.

SATURDAY, October 21:  Fall Colour Tour.  Evening: ECDance, Amherst

SUNDAY, October 22:  Afternoon Advanced ECDance, Amherst.

MONDAY, October 23:  Daytime: touring.  Evening: Amherst ECDance.

TUESDAY, October 24:  10 a.m: meet in lobby to drive back to New York City for afternoon flight back to England.

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